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Welcome to "It's A Piece of Cake" in the greater Grand Rapids area. I will no longer be making and decorating cakes. It has been an exciting and learning experience for me. I have met many interesting and very nice customers. I've also made and designed cakes that surprise even me.

Starting in January and February we hope to have a listing and pictures of items I will be selling (It may take a few months to get it all posted) so check back frequently - pans, cake mixes, frosting, items to put on cakes and much more so be sure to check every month to see if you are interested in buying anything available.

It's a great job for someone who needs to stay at home but needs an income. Myself, I did it to keep busy so I wouldn't get bored and it sure did work!!
< Starting December 21st,2014 "It's A Piece of Cake" will officially be closed.

Those of you wishing to buy left over supplies come back and check at least monthly to see if we have cake items ready for sale !! If you want to be notified send me your name and email address.

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